CLEAR vs. TSA PreCheck: Reduce time spent in airport security during holiday travels

    It’s no secret that getting through airport security has become a lot more painful  Agen Sbobet  over the last decade. Not only do these regulations affect how we pack our bags (liquids and laptops at the ready, people), but they’ve added long hours to an already arduous and stressful process.

    For these and other reasons, several security programs have emerged to help fliers enjoy more relaxed and reliable travel: CLEAR, TSA PreCheck, and Global Entry.

    While all aim to help you move through the airport security process more seamlessly, each addresses a different leg of the journey. Choosing the right membership for you will depend on step of the process you’re willing to pay to skip or expedite and how much you’re willing to pay to do so. The three programs also vary widely in terms of availability, with TSA PreCheck operating at 200 airports around the country while CLEAR is available at airports, sports venues and car rental lines, for example.

    To determine which program (or programs) you might want to sign up for, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about the three services below.

    clear vs tsa precheck global entry ambassador against the wall  1What is CLEAR?

    While CLEAR is not directed at getting you through security or customs more quickly, it is able to speed you past the initial ID check line that occurs before security. With CLEAR, you expedited past the usually long line in favor of a special lane. There, security will review your boarding pass and scan your iris or fingerprint, which takes you onward to security in less than five minutes.

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