University of Florida campus uses composite manhole cover

    Universities have decided to seek an alternative to their existing cast-iron manhole covers after public safety concerns were raised.
    The University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) plans to replace all metal manhole covers with composite drain hatch covers. The university made this decision after the successful installation of two steam manholes made of composite materials.

    The University of Florida decided to find a way to replace its existing manhole covers after problems related to public safety emerged: two cast iron manholes The system reaches extremely high surface temperatures. In addition, the weight of the old manhole cover was too large song thoát nước. Even when the manhole cover was handled at a safe temperature, employees are still at risk of other injuries at hand.

    • Advantages of the composite compartment cover

    The thermal composite thermal characteristics of synthetic composites significantly reduce the heat transfer from a steam pipe to the surface of the lid. Typically, the surface temperature of the composite manhole covers is slightly higher than ambient temperature, even under extremely hot temperatures below.
    Composite manholes retain their cool characteristics and are capable of withstanding vehicle loads even when pushed to a test temperature of 400 ° F.
    The lids can be lifted by a dedicated lifting design to eliminate the risk of injury from manual handling.

    In other public spaces, the composite manholes cover fixes the existence of cast iron manholes as a deterrent for thefts to sell scrap; reduce odor emissions; cheaper price …

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