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    An example of an event trigger is when a Smart Fence deployment detects a breached perimeter triggering the Smart Video Surveillance solution to activate a live feed of the breached zone and records the event. On the Commanders tablet and at Command Post, an alert will be displayed on the dashboard providing high level information of the event such as “Alert – Perimeter Intrusion Detected” alongside a total alert count incremented by one.

    When the Commander taps on the alert,  Bulk Image downloader crack the mobile app shows the location of the intrusion (e.g., Zone 3A) and displays a live video feed of the event. If desired, the Commander may tap on the option to display video feed from few seconds just prior to the event trigger to view what occurred just before the intrusion.


    To measure the impact of using smart technologies, a garrison commander should be able to rely on metrics that identify cost savings and operational efficiencies. These metrics would be applied against pre-determined savings targets that are important for the garrison commander to report. Several example metrics that may be utilized at a Garrison are:


    • Energy Consumption – measures the percentage and amount of energy savings gained by using smart technologies such as digital infrastructure and building management. Metrics can compare daily, monthly, or annual usage over a period.
    • Water Leakage – measures the quantity of water leakage incidents and the number of gallons saved by using Smart Leak Detection. Metrics can also compare against leaks that occurred in a previous period.
    • False alarm reduction – measures the speed and number of false alarms identified using Smart technologies deployed throughout the garrison (e.g., Smart Fencing, gunshot detection, Smart Surveillance, etc.) compared against previous incidents.
    • Incident response Man hours – measures the man hours needed to detect, identify, and respond to an incident by using smart technologies (e.g., videos, gunshot detection, IR fencing, etc.) versus last month and/or previous year.

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