Can You Trust What HYIP Monitors Tell You?

    It seems in today’s online investment world, it can be a bit of a lottery. The odds of making a profit could quite easily be compared. With literally millions of HYIP programs available Hyip Monitor competition for your hard earned cash is high, but there is no guarantee that when you invest you will achieve the return promised. Somewhere in the small print, all will quote that there are risks and not to invest more than you can afford to lose (which incidentally is good advice).

    A short time ago there seemed a light at the end of the tunnel, the HYIP monitor was born. So what is so badly wrong with this process? Quite simply, the HYIP sites are of the HYIP monitors. Each monitor service will charge an albeit small fee which includes the amount required to invest in the relevant program. Therefore the monitor has all the details of the HYIP program, but so to does the investment system itself. Now its not exactly rocket science but….


    Call me sceptical if you wish, but the word “PAYING” next to a nice juicy banner advertisement means a lot to someone about to invest. Sure, the monitor site is bound to receive e-mails if the program ‘stops paying’ but how many hard earned dollars have been lost in the mean time, and will they really care if they themselves are still being paid?

    On my own site I will be providing some covert monitoring, investments made carefully and the profits will fund my own members payouts, but the HYIP programs will not have requested my monitoring, so the results will be I would imagine more realistic. If they stop paying visitors certainly won’t see a paying stamp of approval. Profits are necessary for my own members success and therefore not only won’t I use the system, but I won’t promote it either.

    My own advice is that many HYIP’s are not around for long, so getting in quick is a good policy. Getting in while they are paying, and out before they stop.


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