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    Offline and Online Casino Gambling

    Gambling – offline as well as online casino gambling – has fast become a leisure activity attracting a growing number of people. Offline Casino gambling is often combined with travelling and vacations to Las Vegas, Atlantic City and quite a few other cities in the USA, with an increasing number of Indian Casinos included. Casino gambling is also a popular pursuit in Europa as well as most parts of the world.nagapoker However, for some the access to casinos are limited or absent. The internet however, offers a lot of gambling and gaming opportunities for those.

    In USA we can identify at least five groups of casinos or casino gaming establishments

    • Luxurious land based casinos
    • Cruise ship casinos
    • Indian Casinos
    • Riverboat casinos
    • Local card gaming clubs

    The first city that comes to mind when we talk about luxurious casinos is Las Vegas. There has been legalized gambling in Nevada for decades but the real boom has developed over the recent years. The growth of casinos and hotels in Vegas can seem out of control. Due to the invasion from gambling and entertainment hungry people from all over the world, Las Vegas has become the fastest growing city in the United States.

    Though family resorts, with theme parks and other attractions for the juniors have popped up like toad hats over the years, developers in Vegas now tend to prioritize more adult oriented establishments. The opening of the luxury Wynn casino in May 2005 is a good example of this trend. Las Vegas – with all it’s casino gambling jet set pomp and glitter – belongs to the adult generations.

    The Indian casinos as well as the riverboat casinos and local gambling clubs are more sober alternatives to the luxury in Vegas. As the demand for gambling adventures are booming in all regions of the country, these kinds of casino establishments has grown equally.

    The casino gambling alternative that most people find their way to is, internet casino gambling. The availability is outrageous and it is you who decide when to play and you can play from any location on the globe that has an internet connection.

    If you are a newbie you can now train yourself to become an professional casino gambler from the comfort of your home. It’s good not to feel the pressure from other players when you are experimenting with different strategies and gaining your basic gaming skills. Your best teacher is your mistakes; do them peacefully from your home, without any critical I-know-best voices. Another reason for playing casino online is that you save money on a hotels, restaurants and airfares. It is also easier for disabled persons to access an online casino than an offline. Remember that an online casino is like a real casino – it has the same games; black jack, poker, roulette, baccarat, craps and others – the same excitement and you can win real money.

    Just one final advice: The internet is overloaded with gambling and casino websites. Among such a big crowd of gambling offers, there has to be some bogus ones Stay away from those and keep to recommended online casino gambling websites. Good luck!


    The History Of Online Gambling

    Online gambling is a fairly recent practice, yet a very controversial one. Its history began in the 90’s, as the internet began increasing in popularity. One of the first events to take place was when the government of an island in the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda, passed a law inFun88 ทางเข้าล่าสุด 1994 which allowed online casinos to base there. This was called the Free Trade and Processing Act. Realizing the almost endless possibilities of making money through online gambling, several entrepreneurs jumped at the now legal chance to start this new venture.

    Different companies were formed that same year and more continued to be formed in the years that followed. Some of these companies were creating online casinos, and others were designing the software needed to run the financial transactions of online gambling and developing new games. As online casinos started to increase in number and become an extremely lucrative business, with reported revenues of nearly 835 million dollars in 1998 alone, different layers of the U.S government began to take notice. One in particular, Senator Jon Kyl, a Republican from Arizona, decided he would be the leader against online casinos and introduced the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act in an attempt to restrict gambling activity in the United States. The bill failed to pass in Congress, and online gambling continued to flourish, possibly even better thanks to the media attention it had received courtesy of the senator.

    As online gambling continued, a few companies created software packages that could be leased by online gaming sites for a percentage of their earnings. This helps many new online gaming sites appear. Around this time, Canada also began to curb online gaming activities, raiding offices and eventually fining one of the largest online gambling servers.

    In 1999, Senator Kyl presents a revised version of his Prohibition Act bill, and once again, it fails to gain the support needed in order to pass. Meanwhile, Australia allows the creation of an online casino, which in the end became the only one allowed and is currently still in operation. Although many more would-be casinos attempted to obtain licenses in Australia, the Australian government quickly formed a law preventing any new online gambling operations.

    In 2000, Republican Senator Bob Goodlatte of Virginia introduces a further revised Prohibition Act to congress, and it is once more turned down. The following year, two bills that would help cut online gambling are passed in Congress. One was an updated version of the Wire Act, which makes it unlawful for individuals to be involved in the business of betting or gambling. The other bill attempts to prevent online payment to online casinos by prohibiting institutions based in the U.S. from handling such payments, making it more difficult for U.S. residents to engage in online gambling.

    A few lawsuits occurred in the years that followed, and in 2006, several arrests of online gambling CEOs were made. At the same time, the U.S imposed sanctions on offshore gambling companies, resulting in Antigua and Barbuda filing a case with the World Trade Organization, which rules that U.S. actions are discriminatory and unlawful.


    Sports-Betting – A Better Choice For Gamblers

    If you are a sports fan, then there is no better way of rejoicing the victory of your team than also winning a few dollars. If you are just a gambler, a lotto player, or even only a casual one for that matter, there is a lot of thrill and excitement in sports betting than that you get from the wheels and the cards.ทางเข้า W88 There are two major reasons why sports betting is easier to win and more lucrative than lotto (unless you hit the jackpot).

    First, lotto and casino games are games of chance, any sport, on the other hand, is undoubtedly a game of skill. But when it comes to predicting the outcome, a sport stands on the borderline between a game of chance and a game of skill. What this means is that it is nearly impossible to predict a lotto number with any certainty while predicting the result of a sports game could be somewhat easier.

    Second, the house edge, which is the percentage that a gaming agent collects from the players as a commission, which is also a standard gauge of how good a wagering game is, has a value in the neighborhood of 5%-20% for sports betting while it is typically more than 50% in the case of state owned lotteries; the value varies for different casino games, but it surely is way less than 50% in most cases. My article entitled “Casino, Sports-betting, and Lottery – A Comparison of the House Edge” just does that.

    Although sports are the most common events for betting, nowadays you can place bets on pretty much any publicized event. The outcome of presidential and other elections, the verdict on famous trials, private lives of celebrities (such as marriage, divorce, child birth) are just a few of the events you can bet on.

    It is true that most bets do no more than just double your wager while casino games and lotteries can bring returns that are hundreds and even thousands of times your wager. But, many sportsbooks offer a way of combining several bets as one in order to form what is known as a parlay. Theoretically, a parlay payout should be the product of the individual odds that make up the parlay. If, for example, you have five bets each with 1:2 odds and form a parlay, the payout should be 32 times the wager. We have to admit that it is certainly more difficult to win with parlays than with single bets. Nevertheless, the payout to a winning parlay could be so enormous that it is unwise to bypass parlay betting as unachievable venture. As a matter of fact, if the sportsbook offers the proper tools, then winning big money with parlays will not be as hard as it may seem to be.

    There is a myriad of internet sportsbooks and online casino websites and hundreds are being added every year. Some are scams, others may not even survive the competition, a few manage to operate due mainly to their generous bonuses on initial deposits. More often than not, the bettor should be vigilant and not be allured by this ostensible kindness as it may belie a poorly designed betting system with just a few betting choices and limited options. Which, by the way, brings us to the most prominent questions of online betting: “How to choose a sportsbook (and casino)”

    The choice of a good sportsbook would have been immensely facilitated if there existed an impartial organization that continuously monitors and evaluates the performance of each online sportsbook and internet casino based on comments and complaints received from customers. Unfortunately, there is no such organization and thus the customer has to make his or her own choice based on word of mouth and on information on the fundamentals of betting available on web sites such as ours. In fact, there is no a better judge than yourself to determine what suits you, therefore just sign in a number of sportsbooks and stick onto the one that is most appropriate for you. A word of caution: don’t be deluded by some websites that present themselves as independent watchdogs since their purpose is to extol and heavily promote those companies that pay them more. However, if these web sites list scammers and blacklisted sportsbooks, they are certainly useful since you will be able to identify the bad ones.

    Also, there is that all important question of picking the winner or the handicap. This major part of betting is unfortunately a task the bettors have to overcome by themselves. Some wagered on Bush to win the 2000 presidential election (maybe they carefully paid attention to voting irregularities). Others said that Gore would win (maybe they didn’t know that there is a large number of Americans who can’t even punch a voting card). It just so happened that, as it should, some won the bets others lost. This is exactly what happens in any betting – you lose or you win; no one can tell an outcome with absolute certainty, but it could be possible to do so by using logic and a lot of information. If you seek the assistance of a pro in sports, there is a plethora of individuals under the title of ‘Sports Handicapping Services’ who sell sports picks.

    With Over 3000 Online Casinos – Are They All Safe to Gamble In?

    With over 3000 online casinos circulating on the internet, one can’t help but wonder are they all safe to gamble in, can all of them be legit? The answer is obviously not. This brings us to another burning question, how can we determine which online casinos are legit and which are rogues? Well the only way of finding out the answer to these questions would be to do some research. Start by choosing a couple of HappyLuke random online casino websites and do a Google search to see what information comes up on them. Surely if any of the online casinos in your internet search are rogues you will find some information pertaining to that. The internet is a great place with lots of traffic, actually more traffic than those 3000+ online casinos, and there is sure to be someone out there who has had some run ins with some of these bogus online casinos.

    Rogue online casinos are considered fly by nights establishments, if you will, one minute you see them popping up all over the internet, and after enough unsuspecting innocent folks have spent their hard earned money in these rogue online casino, and are sitting waiting on their winnings to arrive, lo and behold when they do decide to check back on the website to see what’s the hold up with their winnings, they find that the site is no longer there. It has literally disappeared of the face of the internet, so to speak. So take this as a warning and the next time you do decide to sign up to an online casino be sure and do some more in-depth checking into the company, and above all ask lots of questions.

    Online casinos are no different than other establishments or businesses, some are good and some are bad, this saying is true of people also, some are good and some are just downright evil. It’s like when you meet someone for the first time and you get that first impression of them, sometimes you are right on target, but as time goes on and you get to know them better you realize that first impression was way off base. It’s the same with online casinos you have to get to know them before you can decide whether they are legit or not.

    Use your preferred internet search engine to find out as much as you can about the online casino you are interested in, get in touch with their customer service rep and find out how their establishment works, and remember don’t feel shy in asking as many question as you want as this is your money that you are going to be gambling with, not play dough. Also be sure and get into those online casino chat rooms to see what other people are saying about them, you will be surprised at how helpful this will be for you in the long run, will probably even save you some dollars. Good luck and may your online gambling be a fun and safe experience.


    Gambling Online – Find The Best Bets With The Best Odds Here!

    If you are gambling online and looking to play games of chance, then to make money you need to know the bets with the best odds of success.

    Do you know the best bets in Baccarat, Roulette,ทางเข้า FUN888 craps and slots? If you don’t and you’re gambling online then you will do after reading this!

    There is nothing you can do to influence the outcome of games of chance, i.e. you can’t apply systems. Many people buy them off the net but they don’t work and you will soon know why.

    To increase your odds of success all you can do is pick the bet with the best odds and this means knowing the theory of probability.

    Probability is a branch of mathematics that deals with calculating the likelihood of an event’s occurrence, which is expressed as a number between 1 and 0.

    An event with a probability of 1 is considered a certainty:

    For example, take the toss of a coin the probability of a coin toss resulting in either “heads” or “tails” is 1, because there are no other options, assuming the coin will land flat i.e. the probability is 0.

    An event with a probability of .5 is considered to have equal odds of occurring or not occurring:

    For example, the probability of a coin toss resulting in “heads” is .5; this is because the toss is equally as likely to result in “tails.”

    Probability theory applies precise calculations to quantify uncertain measures of random events.

    The odds don’t change!

    A fundamental mistake many gamblers make is to assume the odds get better if an event happens several times in a row. For example, if heads comes up 20 or 100 times in a row, the odds do not change for heads coming up on the next toss. There still 50 – 50% or .5.

    When gambling online in games of chance, systems that try and predict when the odds are in your favor can’t work, as the odds are fixed and don’t move.

    Let’s take a look at an example that relates to gambling online in game of chance and put in the house edge.

    Odds & the house edge

    We are offering to pay you odds of 10 to 1 (you win $11.00 minus the $1 you paid to place the bet. Of course if we paid you the correct odds of 12:1 things would of course, even themselves out over the long run but, in this example we have given you worse odds and this represents our edge.

    The advantage or edge we have charged you is similar to the one you will encounter in a casino when gambling online

    Let’s take a look at the best odds in 3 games


    The “en prison” bet on European tables is just 1.35%, making it the best bet


    Bets on the banker have the best odds and house edge is just 1.06%


    Best bet by far is the odds bet at (0%).
    Consider that many players pick other bets with edges of 10 or more against them and you can see why they lose! Forget luck or hunches the best bets are the ones above


    You should read our other articles on them for in depth view of chances of success. Odds are a lot worse than ones above, but jackpots can be huge!

    The best odds give you the best chance of winning

    Here you will see that the odds are fixed in games of chance when gambling online and if you know the bets with the best odds you have as much chance of making money as anyone else.

    More information on all casino games.


    Guides on How to Win at Online Casino

    Online casino guide are prohibited in some areas in the world since they fetch maximum revenues being exported to foreign nationals. For example in the Prince Edward Island the online casino’s are not to be expanded as ordered by the government since they take away $50,000 annually.Data HK This could ruin the economy of the country hence playing online casino guide for leisure purposes are to be avoided and other leisure activities such as gardening, cooking etc have to be made as a habit.

    Casinos in Canada and UK

    In Canada, in the state of Nova Scotia, playing casinos online are prohibited though it is the best loved entertainment in the state. But in UK thankfully some of the registered sites are allowed to play the online casino guide.

    Worldwide Video Slots

    Video slots are played almost by every body around the world. There is no country which is not playing online casino guide. Hence online casino is made in all the languages. Most of the sites have English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, Italian, French languages.

    Some of the websites are being included more casino guide. For example a company named as micro programming has included new games to their existing websites with a tool called as Quick Fire.

    Casinos in India

    In India these casino guide are played by upper class people only. Other people are not sure about the gaming laws and consider it as an offence. But with the advent of the online casino awareness is being created among the internet users.

    Now-a-days almost all the youngsters play this type of games. In very big shopping malls a separate area is there for playing online casino guide as a part of entertainment. They are not casinos but a kind of entertainment centre where people relax after the shopping is done.

    These are not only good entertainment but also a good stress releaser. One or two game of casino would refresh the tired mind and helps us to regenerate the life. Hence playing casinos is really good but only for the limited times.

    One of the biggest gambling groups in Sweden is the Net Entertainment which has branded their online casino guide. They also would emerge as a new competitor to the gambling designing software industry. Playtech and Cahrtwell are some of the reputed gaming software companies based in Sweden. The Net Entertainment has made a big deal and partnering with the NBC Universal Media.

    They are about to create casinos online similar to the one found in the classical movies. In contrast to the situation the Chartwell has signed an exclusive deal with the Ho gaming to compete with the Net Entertainment online casino guide.


    Safe Gambling Online, Here is a Few Steps For a Safer Experience

    Maybe you are thinking of, or do gamble online. You need to ask yourself a few questions. Can I afford to loose the money I am gambling with? If not maybe you should look at other options, gambling should be fun and be enjoyed like a night at Bingo, or watching a movie at the cinema.Dominobet It should not be stressful and addictive. If gambling causes you any stress or becomes addictive, I would suggest you stop as soon as possible.

    Here is a couple of quick simple tips to help avoid big losses and addiction.

    1. Give yourself a time limit per day, week, month.
    2. As I said to start with about losing, how much can you safely loose? You need a set a fixed gambling kitty, when this as gone you must stop gambling for that chosen time plan be it a day, week, or month.
    3. Do not use credit or credit cards, it will end in tears.
    4. Have the attitude that If you win, Great. But If you lose so what!

    Follow these tips and you should not have a problem with gambling.Gambling should be fun and there are many different games and sports, here are just a few. Some require skill others are just pot luck.

    1. Poker
    2. Roulette
    3. Bingo
    4. Lotteries
    5. Board Games
    6. Horse racing
    7. Football

    There are many more, there is something for every one. just take a look for yourself. I would recommend long established companies and platforms. Check for websites of councils and well run and trusted organisations, if in doubt check with the relevant organisation.Remember enjoy and have fun. If you win Great! if you loose so what!

    Join the E-lottery and find many ways of playing the lottery, Learn how the E-lottery can increase your chances of winning a prize by upto 3600% visit


    Powerball Winners – Learn How to Become the Next Winner!

    Powerball is a kind of lottery games that is currently making waves. Its popularity has reached new heights in recent months, causing ticket sales to soar. Who doesn’t want to get rich fast? In this age of all things convenient, people want to do things the instant way, and joining lotteries to become rich in the blink of an eye is a tempting option. Powerball offers people the chance to make such a dream come true. In fact, there are now dozens upon dozens of Powerball winners today.

    Because of the popularity of Powerball, you can find a number of websites that talk about the game, including how it works, what advantages it offers, and what people who have actually won in the game can say about their luck. This article tells you how you can become a Powerball winner by showing you a couple of things that Powerball winners share as their secret weapons.

    You play Powerball by choosing five different numbers from one to fifty-five and then choosing one “powerball” number from one to forty-two. The five numbers come out as five white balls, whereas the “powerball” comes out as one red ball. The so-called powerball number may or may not be a number that has already been picked. Either way, Powerball players can place their wagers by availing of the Powerball payslip, which is sold in websites that promote online games, such as various kinds of lotto and casino games.

    Of course, Powerball doesn’t stop at choosing numbers and placing wagers. Draws must be held. In general, a Powerball play costs only $1.00 per draw, and players can play up to four weeks in advance at a single playing period. That amounts to eight draws, allowing a player’s chances of winning to increase. Powerball winners are made this way.

    It is a basic law of probability that the more often a person repeats an act, the more likely he or she will get the results he or she desires. Thus, Powerball winners are usually the products of constancy or consistency. Because there are many people out there who play Powerball, there are consequently many possible winners. Those that actually win do so because they exerted more effort in joining more draws and using the same 파워볼 numbers over and over again, and in the process multiplied their chances of becoming Powerball winners. It’s simple math, really. To further enhance your chances of winning, you can study and beat the odds by using an analyzer software package, which you can find online. Many winners of the game attest to the effectiveness of using an analyzer software package in yielding successful results.

    It’s not hard to see and understand why many people prefer to play Powerball compared to other lottery games. Powerball is a combination cash prize game and jackpot game, which means that the rewards waiting for the winning players are huge and significant.

    Compared to other lottery games, Powerball offers a bigger chance of hitting the jackpot because there are many possible winning combinations. You too can easily become part of the list of Powerball winners. With tried and tested strategies, like the ones suggested earlier, you can become the next Powerball winner.

    Casino Games – A Review of Carnival Casino

    A vast majority of people love playing casino games and the fun of online gambling can be taken to yet another level when you are dealing with online casinos. Among all of the casinos available online, the Carnival Casino holds a prominent place. Carnival casino has all the perfect ingredients that an online casino Taruhan Bola should have, such as great casino games, nice promotional offers, and transparent reliability. In this independent review we will one by one discuss all of these aspects.

    The first thing that most people will look for is security and reliability, and when it comes to these two factors, then Carnival Casino certainly prevails. The company of iGlobal Media Limited owns this gaming site. This company is undisputedly one of the most reliable companies in the business of online gambling.

    Global Gaming Net is responsible for managing all the system features of Carnival Casino. The government of Gibraltar has licensed this business and the casino is run under the supervision of an appointed casino commissioner following the gambling act of 2005. Other than this, this site also incorporates the best software for the confidentiality and secrecy of the data and transactions of the players.

    A vast range of various casino games are available throughout the site. You can opt in for any game that suits your taste and mood. From the typical card and table games to some of the more exclusive video slots, Carnival Casino will certainly give you a thrilling ride. You can easily browse to the official site and see previews of all of the games available – and if you find something that catches your eye, then by all means feel free to download the casino software. You will not have to pay anything for downloading of course, as it is all free. After you are done downloading, you will also receive a very attractive welcome bonus, which will help you off to a great start.

    There are also very attractive monthly promotions available; in fact, you will also gain access to a proper calendar for these promotions. This will not only keep you updated – but will also help you to seek out the best offers in a timely fashion. The welcome bonus of Casino Carnival is as high as $777 USD. Very few casinos offer an actual welcome bonus as high as this one.

    After the simple registering procedure, you have the choice of becoming a VIP member at the casino. Bear in mind that VIP members, as always, are able to enjoy the best bonuses and incentives. Depending on whether you are an Emerald VIP member, a Diamond VIP member or a Black diamond VIP member, these offers may vary from time to time, however, you can rest assure that you will be taken well care of by the friendly customer staff. However, you really don´t need to become a VIP member in order to enjoy all of the fun and great casino games that Carnival Casino has to offer!



    저는 도박과 관련한 많은 자구책을 읽었고, 여러 해 동안 읽었습니다. 제 가족들은 그것에 대해 농담을 하지만, 그들은 그것이 그들에게 도움이 될 수 있는지 보기 위해 실제로 그것을 읽어본 적이 없어요. 제 생각에, 그들은 요점을 놓치고 있어요. 만약 여러분이 어떤 분야에서 개선하고 싶다면, 여러분은 변화를 시도하기 위해 무언가를 해야만 합니다.

    도박을 좋아하기 때문에 도박을 공부하고, 그것에 대해 글을 쓰는데 꽤 많은 시간을 씁니다. 대부분의 사람들이 자활 산업과 도박 사이의 직접적인 연관성을 보지 못하겠지만, 저는 지난 몇 년 동안 많은 유사점을 배웠습니다.

    자활 산업은 많은 사람들을 돕지만, 다른 사람들을 돕는데 실패하기도 합니다. 업계 전체가 어느 정도 나쁜 평판을 받고 있는데, 그 이유는 그들이 항상 여러분에게 없는 것을 팔려고 하는 것 같기 때문입니다.

    자활 산업이 도박에 대해 가르쳐 줄 수 있는 것들을 보여주기 전에 여러분에게 작은 비밀을 알려드리겠습니다. 비밀은 없다는 것입니다.

    저는 개인적으로 이것이 좋은 일이라고 생각합니다. 일이 도박 결과나 제 인생의 다른 부분을 개선하는데 필요한 전부라면, 저는 제가 기꺼이 그 일을 할 수 있다는 것을 압니다.

    아래의 도박에 대해 자구산업이 가르쳐 줄 수 있는 네 가지 사항을 읽을 때 이 점을 명심하세요.

    대부분의 자기계발 상품들을 관통하는 주제들 중 하나는 계획의 아이디어이다. 때때로, 그들은 그것을 다른 것이라고 부르지만, 결론은, 여러분이 개선하기 위해서는 계획이 필요하다는 것입니다.

    도박꾼으로서, 만약 여러분이 결과를 개선하고자 한다면, 여러분은 또한 계획이 필요합니다. 다른 결과를 원한다면 지금과 같은 방식으로 일을 계속할 수는 없습니다. 이 계획에는 매주 좋아하는 카지노사이트에서 게임에 대한 새로운 기사를 읽거나 전략에 대한 비디오를 매일 보는 것이 포함될 수 있습니다.

    몇 년 전에, 저는 어떻게 하면 포커 플레이어가 될 수 있는지 알아내기로 결심했어요. 저는 포커 게임에서 이기는 것에 대해 가능한 한 많이 읽고 싶었고, 연습도 하고 싶었습니다. 몇 년이 걸렸지만, 저는 그것을 고수했습니다. 저는 포커플레이어입니다. 왜냐하면 저는 계획을 세우고 끝까지 해냈기 때문입니다.

    블랙잭을 이기는 법을 배우기 위해 새로운 계획을 세웠습니다. 저는 같은 공식을 따라 몇 년 동안 공부하고 연습했습니다. 당신도 똑같이 할 수 있어요. 하지만 계획을 세우는 것만으로는 충분하지 않아요. 한 가지 더 필요하시면 다음 섹션에서 다루겠습니다.

    좋은 계획을 세우는 것 외에도, 여러분은 끝까지 따르는 데 전념할 필요가 있습니다. 새해 결심을 하는 것은 쉽지만, 대부분의 사람들은 1월 중순에 그 결심을 포기합니다. 당신이 일관된 행동을 취하지 않는 한 최선의 계획은 효과가 없을 것입니다.

    이것은 자활 산업이 부족한 한 분야입니. 여러분은 목표와 좋은 계획 개발에 관한 모든 종류의 책과 프로그램을 찾을 수 있지만, 어떻게 여러분이 동기부여를 하고 어떻게 끝까지 해나가는지에 대한 정보를 찾기는 어렵습니다.

    제가 동기부여를 하는 가장 좋은 방법은 제가 정말 원하는 것을 확실히 이해하고 매일 그것에 집중하는 것입니다. 저는 포커 플레이어를 이기는 방법을 배우는데 정말 의욕이 넘쳤어요. 돈을 많이 벌려고 한 게 아니라 자존심이 걸린 문제였어요. 저는 그 게임이 이길 수 있다는 것을 알고 있었고, 제가 그것을 할 수 있을 만큼 충분히 똑똑하다는 것을 스스로 증명하고 싶었습니다.

    동전의 다른 면에서는, 저는 몸무게가 약간 너무 많이 나가 몇 년 동안 살을 빼야 했어요. 살이 좀 빠졌을 때를 겪었지만, 살을 빼고 운동할 수 있을 만큼 충분히 헌신적으로 살을 뺄 생각을 뒷받침해 본 적은 한 번도 없었어요.

    제가 체중 감량에 대한 저의 고군분투에 대해 언급하는 이유는 이것이 단순하게 들릴지라도, 가치 있는 어떤 것을 성취하는 것은 힘든 일이라는 것을 지적하기 위해서입니다. 앞서 말씀드렸듯이 비밀은 없습니다. 모두 힘든 일이고, 어떤 사람들은 다른 사람들보다 더 잘합니다. 하지만 도박에 관해서는 다음 부분이 중요합니다. 당신에게 중요한 일이라면 당신은 승산이 있는 도박사가 될 수 있습니다.

    거의 모든 자구책과 강좌 이용이 가능한 책들은 어떤 식으로든 여러분이 개선할 수 있다는 것을 설득하는 것과 관련이 있습니다. 좋은 소식은 이것이 사실에 근거한다는 것입니다. 하지만 문제는 대부분의 사람들이 실제로 많이 개선되지 않는다는 것입니다. 그들이 원하는 만큼 향상되지 않을 때, 그들은 종종 다른 자기계발서나 프로그램을 사서 다음 큰 비밀을 찾습니다.

    이기는 법을 배울 수는 있지만 열심히 해야 합니다. 여러분은 블랙잭을 이기는 방법을 가르쳐 주는 책을 사거나 비디오를 볼 수 있습니다.

    여러분은 포커에 대한 책과 비디오를 공부할 수 있고 테이블에서 지는 것보다 이기는 방법을 배울 수 있습니다. 여러분은 심지어 여러분이 돈을 벌 수 있도록 하는 방법으로 스포츠 경기를 방해하는 방법을 배울 수도 있습니다. 하지만 이 모든 일들은 많은 일과 시간을 필요로 합니다. 대부분의 사람들은 단순히 노력과 시간을 들이려고 하지 않습니다.