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    CENTRIC uses Nemesysco’s LVA technology to improve its human resources activities

    The QA7 technology is designed to reveal the genuine emotional  appliance repair center state of a person. It detects and measures uncontrolled psychophysiological changes to a person’s voice during conversations. The technology is indifferent to language or the content of speech and works by analyzing over 150 tiny bio-markers that correlate with many key human emotions. Examples of emotions that can be detected and measured by the QA7 technology include excitement, stress, uncertainty, anger, happiness, hesitation, embarrassment and more.

    “We consider Nemesysco’s voice analytics technologies and our Deep SEA service to be our main competitive differentiators that enable our call center service to stand out in an increasingly crowded market,” explained Ryo Yamada, CEO of CENTRIC. “We have confidence in Nemesysco and its technologies and are currently formulating plans to expand Deep SEA, including offering the service to companies that manage their own call centers.”

    In addition, CENTRIC uses Nemesysco’s LVA technology to improve its human resources activities. The LVA technology helps CENTRIC evaluate applicants for open positions and candidates for promotions. With this technology, CENTRIC also monitors the wellbeing of agents and tracks changes over time in order to identify agents that are stressed and at risk of churning.

    Both QA7 and LVA are built to reveal and measure the emotions of a person during voice-based communications. While QA7 focuses on softer emotions, LVA is designed to detect signs of risk.