How to Turn Your Customer Experience in a Job Offer

    Being a client is one of the countless activities that we do on a daily basis in order to provide ourselves the dozens of products and services we use every day.

    Being a client is a very valuable resource to get a job. This is because clients are the end users of the products and services companies provide, they pay money for them and experience both their benefits and their flaws. That is why companies value a lot their clients’ feedback.

    Many corporate companies like Apple, Adidas and LEGO hire Mystery Shopping Agencies in order to evaluate their services. These agencies hire mystery shoppers that go to these retailers, locations, act like clients, ask for consultations related to the product or service and then they evaluate the quality of the service received. Since big companies pay big money in order to evaluate their own services through the eyes of a customer, this means your observations as  oferty pracy are very important to your prospect employer and it will make it easier for you to get a meeting and a job offer.

    This is how it works:

    1. Look at the places, shops, restaurants, car washing service, supermarket etc. that you already buy from or have enough information about etc. You can use your experience as a client for choosing the company you want to work with or you can just decide about your favorite company and then become their client.

    2. Assuming you buy frequently enough from them, try to spot some inconveniences or opportunities for improvement in a product, service or in the business overall. Or if you are an employee and want to get a promotion you can look at the systems inside the company (e.g. security, accounting, HR department, production etc.). The point is to be a USER, either a client (using a product or service) or an employee (using systems or performing activities in a company). It should be a problem, challenge or opportunity that has effects and impact on the overall customer satisfaction or business, activity, department performance (depending on your field).

    3. Create a minimum solution for the issue or opportunity you have discovered.

    If you focus on products and services that you are already using (not necessarily like), then you will have more chances to come up with solutions.

    This is important because, being a client, offers you the subjectivity that companies don’t have over their activity. At best they care for their clients and work hard to create value for them, but they don’t know how it feels like to be a client.

    This implies that you will actually pay for a product/service, go through the process of acquisition and use the product and eventually, you have to observe if you are satisfied or not with your product. mangastream

    Becoming a customer is not just something that I used when I was offered jobs. It is also a very important principle used by Toyota and it is called Genchigenbutsu (“go and see”), which emphasizes going to the actual place to observe and understand.

    If you want to work with a company and buy their products it doesn’t mean that you have to go crazy for them and fall in love. The logic behind this principle is the fact that it gets you valuable information, details that you cannot find unless you actually GO and SEE, until you experience the dynamic in the service process.

    Overall, you should have access to information related to customer services, processes inside the business, depending on the type of job you are looking for. So, you have to adapt the “go and see” principle to your situation. For example, if you want to work with a Mercedes Dealer, obviously, you won’t go to buy a Mercedes. However, you will adapt this principle by taking a drive test or you can ask someone who has bought a Mercedes about his experience. Thus, you can be flexible in your approach because the goal is to get information from the field and to observe the process and the dynamic in the business.

    For instance, if you work in accounting or production, you might have challenges to see the correlation between processes in your job, the problem you find and client satisfaction. So, I will give you an example from the “Toyota work field” to see the real problem and how it correlates to clients. It is about an engineer who is trained by a sensei (teacher) in the production field.

    When a robot in the Toyota factory breaks down, this is how the engineer perceives the situation:

    “When the robot breaks down, there is a fault in the loading zone because the weld nut does not feed. We have been working with the distributor to replace the feeder and we have tried different ways to find a solution, but nothing has worked out. This means we need a new robot.”


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