M Audio USB Midi Controllers

    M Audio is quickly becoming one of the most well known names in the audio technology marketplace. A division of Avid Technology, M Audio are both designers and importers of a huge variety of products that range from digital audio interfaces to Midi keyboards, monitors, controllers,Controladores MIDI microphones and preamps. Since the introduction of USB and Firewire into the computing world, companies like M Audio have been able to produce some fantastic quality products that require little installation or knowledge of the technology to use.

    M Audio Midi keyboards are perfectly designed to work with leading music software programs such as Propellerhead’s Reason and give the user complete control over their performance and their programming via a direct connection to their computer. Even if you’re just starting out in the world of sequencing and digital recording, M Audio Midi controllers and keyboards are the ideal music creation tool and give plenty of tactile power over digital software so that it almost feels like you’re using a real vintage synthesizer or any number of sampled acoustic instruments.

    One of the many great things about M Audio Midi keyboards is their compact, lightweight build. This means that not only can an M Audio Midi keyboard become a fantastic studio tool to help you reach your highest recorded potential; it can also be used as a performance device for on stage, live performances. Armed with a laptop and an M Audio Midi keyboard or controller and any budding DJ, electronic artist or band member can utilise any number of sounds in a live, performance environment. As with most modern USB keyboards, M Audio products give you the option to power them straight from the USB port or using an external power adaptor. If you really want to create on the move there is also an option to power up your unit by simply using any standard AA batteries.


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