Rendering process in Shadow Fight 3

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    In the following essay, the leading technical artist of Nekki’s Russian development partner Banzai Games, Roman Tersky, describes the rendering process and the materials used for the characters’ equipment in the mobile game Shadow Fight 3. In addition, he reveals some of the tricks used for setting up the environment:

    Shadow Fight 3 is an RPG action game developed on the basis of the Unity engine. The game was released on iOS and Android in November 2017, and since then the number of installations has exceeded 50 million.

    To reach such a large audience, the development team had to perform well in optimizing the game –  and as a result of their efforts, the game runs at 60 frames per second on most modern devices.

    Journalists and players often praise the visuals of Shadow Fight 3. In this article, I will give you insight under the surface of the game and reveal how we managed to achieve this visual quality.

    Rendering a frame shadow fight 2 hack

    There are many factors that directly affect the performance of the game and the number of frames it can display per second. One of the most important factors for us was the number of draw calls used per one frame in the game. Let’s take a closer look at the concept. During the rendering of a game frame for each static group of objects sharing the same material, Unity uses draw calls and overlays them on each other. Each draw call requires CPU resources, so an important step in optimization is to reduce the number of these calls. Our goal was to minimize the number of calls to 100 per game frame on average.

    The first step of rendering in Shadow Fight 3 is drawing the dynamic shadows of the characters and the glow effects for the luminous elements on the armor and weapons of the characters. Both of these processes have their own peculiarities and they should be explained in detail. 

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