Sizing Up A Language Translation Service’s Competence

    IN JUST a fleeting time, language translation service companies have mushroomed all over the world, and that’s due to the ballooning demand for language Translation Service Singapore translation or language translations as well as translation service for hundreds of web sites, marketing, medical, information technology, technical and other documents.

    Majority of these language translation service firms use the most enticing words possible-such as the best, world’s no. 1, the leading, the pioneering and so on-when all they just have to say is “we can meet all your requirements.”

    If you have already picked a handful of language translation service companies over the yellow pages, the Internet or via referrals from friends, are there other ways on how you could check on their credibility and efficiency?

    Truth to tell, there are no specific guidelines in looking for a language translation service company that you can totally trust. A particular language translation conglomerate may appear good or very efficient to you, but for other people it’s the other way around.

    But asking each language translation service firm you come across with a set of questions to verify if they can give you what you want and Translation Service Singapore what you need would help. Here are some questions that you could ask to each of these translation service companies:

    • How long has your company been in the business?
    • Since I have a lot of documents to be interpreted and translated, does your language translation service company offer free trial first?
    • Do you charge on per page basis or for every let’s say 100 or 1,000 words?
    • Are you going to charge me for every reference word or for every target word?
    • Are the quotes you gave me already permanent, or you would still charge me more after?
    • When hiring an employee for your language translation or translation service, what do you usually look for?
    • Are your interpreters “working entirely” only in their mother tongues or are they also adept in other languages?
    • Could your language translations employees possibly meet my deadlines?
    • If another interpreter would proofread or check my documents, am I going to pay an additional fee for the translation service?
    • If I would need a language translation for let’s say a medical or legal papers, do you have people who could do the task?
    • Would you give me printed copies or electronic format of my documents that your translation service interpreted?

    It is also important to note that majority of language translation service firms do not give a complete estimate on how much your document will cost, until they have actually seen it, as there are other factors to consider, like its length, if it is a business or technical text, weak image quality, format and style, etc.

    And so make sure that your document to be interpreted by the translation service will be in a format that can be easily sent by fax or by e-mail. When you begin transacting with any language translation service company, explain carefully what you want to happen, so that they will have a full grasp of your needs and be able to answer all of your queries suitably.


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