Soha Says that Being Without Her Husband isn’t Getting any Easier

    Expatriates’ treatment

    The defense attorneys  php web development company have new information that “could justify a greater involvement by the State Department,” Akers said. The information could challenge the basis of the suits and show that Shahin has been treated differently because he is an expatriate.

    Akers noted that expatriates have faced trouble with the legal system in Dubai before, but their governments have “gone to bat for them” more than the United States has done for Shahin.

    Steadfast spouse

    Meanwhile, Soha says that php software development company being without her husband isn’t getting any easier.

    “You know, the more they grow up – my kids – the harder it becomes. It’s difficult to deal with them both, you know? They need their father.”

    Shahin’s time in detention amounts to more than a quarter of the couple’s 23-year marriage.

     software development company austin When he is released, she said, they plan on staying in Houston.

    Soha said the thing she most wants people to know is that her husband “is a very honest man and he’s always been a straightforward businessman.

    “Everybody respects him.”

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