The Buskro UV Inkjet Addressing System

    UV inkjetting, using UV curable ink, has gotten very popular in the mailing and printing industry in the past few years. One of its chief attractions is the number of substrates it can adhere to. Plastics or papers, it will stick to just about anything https://aiboooo.comĀ  . And it does so without the harmful vapors associated with solvent inks-meaning there are fewer venting and disposal regulations. It’s better for business and better for the environment.

    But not all UV printheads are the same. Many of them are designed for specific purposes, and aren’t designed for other applications. For example, a UV printhead that is designed for ID barcodes won’t necessarily print high quality addresses. And a UV printhead designed for addresses aren’t suitable for detailed graphics or large areas of solid print.

    The Buskro UV inkjet system seems to handle the above three applications equally well, without losing quality or speed in any of those situations. Looking into it, we found several reasons the Buskro UV inkjet system is so versatile.

    Droplet Size: UV ink printheads that use small drop sizes can often show print voids (white space in the print). This is because the UV ink droplets tend to maintain their size and shape, even after they’ve hit the medium. Buskro starts with a 30pl drop, which is large enough to merge with other drops before curing, giving nice, solid print. Aside from this, it’s possible to even increase the drop size-which might be necessary when printing on certain substrates.

    Curing Lamp: If you’re using an underpowered curing lamp, you have to slow down your whole process. It doesn’t even matter how fast your printhead can go-your production is entirely dependent on your curing speed. It’s not like solvent ink, where airflow on the conveyor will help. Buskro’s UV inkjet system uses Dual Fusion Lamps, so the ink dries/cures fast, and you can get the very highest speeds from your printheads.

    Ink Delivery: Many UV systems are rated at high speeds, but the speeds are restricted by the ability to supply ink to the printhead. For example, gravity fed printheads have to print slower than those with ink delivered by pumps. Otherwise, there are “jet-outs” or void areas in the print. It can also cause air bubbles in the lines. Buskro uses a pump to deliver the ink, and another pump to remove air from the lines-making their UV inkjet system capable of printing at very high speeds without the constant need to purge air out of the lines.

    Buskro’s UV inkjet system gets two thumbs up from us. They’ve made it versatile enough to handle just about any task, but didn’t budge on print quality or speed.

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