Visitors had the opportunity to watch ritual dancing and light incense for their families

    He is live show, called Dau An (Hallmark), will employ high-tech equipment and will be televised on HTV Television’s HTV3.

    The show Dau An will take place on April 5 in 116 Nguyen Du Street Street, District 1.

    Mother of the Land fest held in Hue

    Thousands of visitors have been flocking to the Hon Chen Temple for the spring festival to worship the Goddess Po Nagar, also known as Mother of the Land in the Champa culture.

    The temple lies on a hillside looking down on the poetic Huong River and the only entrance to the holy temple.

    The festival’s main ceremonies included a parade welcoming the Mother Goddess to the temple and a ritual music performance.

    Visitors had the opportunity to watch ritual dancing and light incense for their families. Dancers wore colourful traditional clothes for a unique performance that brought a holy atmosphere to the ceremony. The highlight of the festival was a boat procession that included many colourful vessels decorated with traditional flags.

    The temple and its festivals play an important role xem bong da in the lives of local people and followers from around the country.

    Under the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) and the reign of King Dong Khanh, the temple served as a national monument to worship Mother Goddess.

    Aside the ritual significance, the complex of wooden temples provides a unique glimpse into traditional architecture.

    More television channels for urban viewers

    Fifteen new digital television channels have been on air on Vietnam Television (VTV) for viewers in Hanoi, HCMC, Danang, Can Tho, Haiphong and the northern area of Quang Nam Province.

    To watch those new channels, including three in HD, viewers in those urban areas should own the new TV sets with a digital video broadcasting device, which is better known as DVB-T2 in Vietnam, or install their old sets with a set-top box to decode digital TV signals from the channels.


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