With Omni’s initial five-app plan nearly complete

    Omni’s document-based iPad apps will get a new file management UI when updates enable iCloud syncing.

    Chris Foresman

    The company has considered adding integration with Dropbox and other cloud-based storage systems, but those services have compatibility issues with Omni’s bundle-based file formats. “The bundle offers advantages, especially when it comes to writing files to an iOS device or to iCloud,” Case told Ars. “But from a user perspective, it can cause some problems.”

    Bundles are essentially specially formatted folders that are treated as a single file in Mac OS X (and by extension, iOS). It might contain text files, XML-formatted data, images, and other files that are linked together. If one small bit of a bundled file is edited, say in the text portion, only the text file within the bundle is changed, and only that part of the bundle is written to disk or synced to iCloud. The rest of the files within a bundle remain unchanged, so no additional filesystem updates or cloud syncing operations are needed.

    Case said the company is considering alternatives to using bundles which may maintain the speed and ease of updating a bundle but storing data in a monolithic file which can work across various cloud-based platforms.

    With Omni’s initial five-app plan nearly complete, and progress being made on the company’s Mac OS X apps, what else does the company have in store? “There are things we would like to do,” Case said. “We have some ideas, but we don’t want users of our current app to feel abandoned—they are so passionate and loyal.”

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